Process/Playbook/Checklist/Close Plan/Template? You decide

Don't wait for the future. Steer it with the most innovative and flexible process tools. Ever. Stay ahead of the curves with a CEO-simple system. Now coaches can make their great advice scalable across the team. Instantly.


Keep all your data and dashboards as Pipeline Manager moves you into the future.


Reps love the Pipeline because we give them 'what's next.' This is a clear, consistent visual language for planning and strategizing.
We finally answered 'WiiFM'‏

Not your grandfather's CRM website

First - Salespeople talk in stories so we’ve set up this site as a BIG story. This is what a year of using Pipeline Manager often looks like. Our customers solve their critical issues with a five-minute installation. Then, over time, they discover all that we can do for them.


Second -  Just like Pipeline Manager, this site is a place for people who want to learn. If you want a tool that pushes you and your team to do the hard work of getting a little better all the time, you'll love this site - and Pipeline Manager.


Third - We're proud of our unique User Experience.

Unlike most CRM websites, this site will give you a full sense of working with the system. Explore - and of course do a trial installation at Salesforce AppExchange. Want help? Call!

Selling is complicated enough without having to connect critical bits from 5 or 10 separate forms.

Selling professionals need exactly one place to tell, review, and strategize each complete, complex story.

So do Coaches

And CXOs

And Boards‏

Sales dev pros need so much more from CRM.

And they need so much less.

After decades of CRM evolution, users are still miserable

CRM suppliers always say this is the  user’s fault. We say users were never the problem. CRM is the Problem. Pipeline Manager disrupts CRM. We disrupt the entire user experience without disturbing our customer’s data, their reports or their dashboards. You keep all the great advantages of the amazing, secure power of a world-class CRM. We simply make your CRM more useful and so, more valuable for everyone from the newest hire up to the C-suite.

We challenge you to find any technology, consulting or training investment that offers a more direct route to improved revenue than giving your team this 24/7 sales university — where your customers are the ‘faculty.’


We challenge you to find a better tool for world-class sales leaders.

You need Pipeline Manager.



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Bouncing around tabs and forms is great...
For programmers

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