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Look at the research. Most people leave jobs when they feel like they aren't learning. With the Pipeline, learning never stops. Reps and managers know that top management values excellence and they are willing to invest in their team in a way that works.


Every day. A little better. A little more predictable. A little more coordinated and consistent. And even a little better place to work. Quite a year.


And just wait till next year!

You're minutes away from guiding your team skill by skill, step by step, day by day.

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Spend some time looking for the easiest openings in the market. Review the stories behind the Sell Pipeline.


Review your Renew Pipeline to find the customers most likely to need your latest offerings.  Can you see potential for bigger contracts?


Dissect your best territories to set goals. Break the goals down to each rep - and then fine tune the processes by product and territory.

Plans are exciting. Tactics make the plans real and achievable. Just one more thing to consider: Reality.


As Field Marshall von Moltke reminds us: "No battle plan survives contact with the enemy." Use the Pipeline or CRM reports to establish checkpoints. Where should your plan be by Q2? Q3? Can you design a data canary for your selling coal mine? Are you ready with Plan B? With the Pipeline, you are.

Now - look back at the year. Consider the transformation, the impact on the team, the great meetings with the board.


Sales contracts are up for negotiation soon. Now HR is really getting nervous. Do they know how many friendly calls the team is getting from the competition? What's the plan?

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