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Qualitative CRM

More likely, though - you and your customers know that selling is science PLUS art.
Numbers will never tell you why a rep can't close a deal. Right?

In fact - Have you ever noticed how many of the best ideas in selling have nothing to do with standard CRM? Pipeline Manager adds a rich and complete layer of qualitative selling to CRM.

Pipeline Qualitative Editor

Account Management

Hey! CRM users - Have you ever actually been able to actually Manage Relationships with current Customers? Today, how do you use CRM to find your current customers? If you could find them, could you set a plan for managing them better? Year after year? You can in Pipeline Manager's ‘Renew’ Pipeline.

Account Management - Renew Pipeline

We all talk about attrition rates. Anyone who has teenagers knows that talking isn't doing.

Pipeline Manager is all about doing.

Make a plan everyone can follow. Set milestones to keep an eye on your current customers and their contracts. Use Pipeline Manager buttons to get more insight into your current relationships.

Slice and Dice to see if you can zero in on client trends that can drive the growth you need to generate.

Imagine how Marketing could help your retention rates- if they could only see what sales sees! They can now.

You're minutes away from guiding your team skill by skill, step by step, day by day

Disrupt what you can see and what you can DO with CRM.
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Before you begin any change - are you sure how you’re doing today? If the change is a number issue, great. Computers are great at quantitative.


If a salesforce report can give you an answer, you're covered. We make data entry much better and faster, so the data in all those reports and dashboards improve. Pipeline data is actually salesforce data.

Change happens, like it or not. But - change is just learning. The trick is to guide the change while being open to the next great idea. Pipeline Manager is your change management engine.


Change one opportunity at a time or change across the whole process and org. Test it. A/B test it in the Pipeline. Some ideas will work. The others...  Pull the plug as soon as the verdict is in. No IT skills required


Drive change, review, fine-tune and win. Then win a little more next month.


Winning more business? That's real change. How will you do it without a change management engine?

Accountable Change

Need a forecast? Use the 'Dateline' view on your Pipeline to view by month rather than stage. Click those Pipeline buttons to see whether what you expect to happen really will happen. Break it down by product, or customer or campaign. Instantly.


Next use the Pipeline to improve on what you see. Update one opportunity or your whole go-to-market strategy.

Quantitative CRM

Actionable Analytics

Aligned Marketing

Buyer Processes

Your customer doesn't care about your silos. Why should you? Marketing can do much more once they see across the customer's full buying experience.


Marketing can watch where some campaigns take hold and where in the cycle they fizzle out. Sales can guide consistent qualification to ensure top quality leads convert. Content can be hardwired to the sales process so that reps know what to use for maximum impact. Reps can even ask focus-group questions to help Marketers gauge the impact of content.

Let's be honest. Buyers don't have a process like sales has a process. Most buying is as chaotic as selling used to be. And yet...


There are things buyers have to do every time such as NDAs, due diligence, legal reviews, etc. Use the Pipeline to anticipate their needs. Share your sales process in a way that lets them confirm the steps they'll be going through. You look like a pro, you reduce stalls and surprises and your client starts using your process to guide their internal steps.


Is this a new chance to tilt the table your way?

Pipeline Manager
Pipeline Manager

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