Warts and All

As soon as you fire up Pipeline Manager, you see your Pipeline. Finally.

Pipeline Manager Organization Chart

Want the full detail for one of these Pipelines? Click it.

You go right to the fullscreen Pipeline view. These are basic views for anyone who wants to lead a sales team. Now they're in CRM. How can you manage without them?

How can you let your team work the slow way?
This is the best first step to improving productivity.

Reminder: Everyone on the team has just  2K hours to hit this year.’s goals. How many total man-hours(days? Weeks?) of valueless clicks are you planning for your team to squander this year? How much are you really paying/losing for basic data entry.

Plus - Instant response for adding accounts, contacts, etc.

Add products on this mini-spreadsheet. Instantly.

Add your influencers as well as their buying factors. Instantly.

Make a plan for what you’re going to do. Just a couple clicks.

Instant updates that add up to hours saved every month for any serious CRM user.

Self-Fulfilling Forecasts

Forecasts that use 'probabilities' are gut-feel guesswork. Flipping a coin is more accurate.

You want to predict?  Use sales processes. They confirm your customers are engaged. They help you drop the bad deals early. Your final stages show only clients who want you to win their deals.


Next - World-class forecasts aren't just reports. They're detailed plans. The Pipeline makes it ultra easy to target key deals, set clear strategy and work that strategy - so you can take your forecast to the bank.

Not All Clients Are Created Equal (Shhhh)

Sort by Priority.

View your Pipeline by Priority.

Make sure your coach agrees. They might have a really good reason to adjust the priority.

And sometimes clients change.

So update it.  One click. Really.

Did we mention that the Pipeline auto-saves for you?

Just another few thousand clicks you'll save every year with Pipeline Manager.

GTD: Leapfrog Calendars

Sort all you have to do by how you’ll do it. Save hours every week by providing a tool that helps them work like the most efficient people in business. You're minutes away from saving your team hours of GUIDED productivity.

Work Process

Even better, coaches see and guide progress one skill at a time.

We want to hear from you so there's even a feedback tool built right into the Pipeline. Talk to us as you work while the problems or ideas are freshest.

After a couple weeks of practice you'll see why Tony Hughes, the author of the brilliant sales novel "The Joshua Principle" calls Pipeline Manager "The Holy Grail of Sales Coaching."


You finally see where you are.


Now - Where do you want to go?


How do you want to change the team? Your market? Yourself? With Pipeline Manager, your CRM becomes the critical link to any selling initiative.


We make your process even easier. We provide as many training sessions as you need. We'll support you as you get going. We'll customize the Pipeline to your exact specs - often in just a few days.

CRM Forensics never moved the needle.

Make CRM proactive - get Pipeline Manager. Now.

Every deal broken out by stage. OR month. Instantly on display. They're in the stages each rep set for them. SPECIAL NOTE: Don’t worry - all this data stays on the salesforce servers. Any change you make in the Pipeline is a change in salesforce. If you change a stage for one of these opportunities, that's the stage that you'll see when you open salesforce.


Same data. Much, much faster.

Buttons to highlight critical issues. One shows where the most active deals are. And the stalls.

Another button shows deals that are being worked effectively. Or not.

More buttons and filters to slice away to really see where the rep, the team and the organization are today.


You’re the leader - what do you want that Pipeline
to look like in 6 months? How are you going to
make it happen?

When you see everyone's Pipelines you can compare and contrast.


Team Pipelines-by-Team Pipeline.

And the company’s Pipeline.

We revolutionized the CRM user experience. This is a true revolution - back around to something that we all know and love because it’s so fast: The spreadsheet.

Ever notice that most of the story isn’t the plan. It’s the result. Shouldn’t CRM help you tell the story that way?

The Pipeline does. Every time someone completes a task in the Pipeline they are reminded to tell the other 90% of the story - they can share the impact of each step of the plan.

Training the team takes minutes. You actually don't need to know much about the CRM database because you can get so much done in the Pipeline.


After training? Click Help and you'll see all the stuff you can ask about. Just click a question mark.

Selling teams need a soup-to-nuts deal recap on one screen. Check.


Your team needs a defined, evolving best practice to guide the activities behind consistent customer experiences. Check.


Your team is more than Sales pros. You need to align a team of Marketing, Inside Sales, Field Sales, Account Manager/CSR and support. Check, check, check, check and check.


Your team needs consistent execution on display and instantly updatable when someone is overloaded. Check.


You need to develop and pilot new best practices, sharing them across all the teams with a single click. Big Check.

If One Pipeline
is Amazing...

You Say You Want A...

The Deal Story

The Best Part: Learning

Team Selling/Collaboration

Think about all that you have in CRM - is it helping? Now think of all the data you WISH you had. Install the Pipeline and you're capturing it.

Pipeline Manager
Pipeline Manager

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