Coaches need help

As people work, coaches can see how the new ideas are working in the field to ensure that the customers like what you’re doing - action-by-action, skill-by-skill.

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You're minutes away from guiding your team skill by skill, step by step, day by day.

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McKinsey says this rarely happens:

Do your training efforts drive performance?

Why hire a trainer if you don't know what needs fixing? This isn't a liberal arts program. If you spend thousands of dollars for each student, you have a right to an ROI. Now.


Use Pipeline Manager to hold your trainer accountable. Compare team-by-team to evaluate the coaching behind the new skills. Have your sales training consultant come back after three months. Share access to the Pipeline so that they can see what's changed and then help you set a course for how to improve results.


Is it time to sign up for the next training event? Now, the best from every seminar is tied to consistent execution across the team. Eventually you’ll have your own built-in 'Sales University' your students attend every time they open Pipeline Manager.

Measure the Trainer

Pick a skill to focus the team on for the next 30-60 days- example: qualification.

Is anyone on your team a great sales coach?


To improve the team, you really have two challenges: Upgrade rep skills and transform managers into teachers. Most companies promote reps to managers without a minute of training.


The Pipeline gives coaches and evolving coaches so much to work with. Take those training sessions and drop the best ideas into the sales process. What better way to remind people about the habits they want to build or break?

Coaches Need Help!

Skill Spotlights

Measure qualification. Then set a business outcome that you expect from better qualification.

Example: fewer junk opportunities that stall out. If, after 30 days, you have more stalls, then you know there’s a problem in how you are qualifying.

Do some people have fewer and some more? Find out what works and adjust the sales process to give everyone a better chance at success.

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